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Let’s face it. Every home ages with time. All of them. There isn’t a material on this planet (That we know of) that keeps a house pristine and perfect on the exterior forever. Even regular keep-up and changing of the seasons is enough to cause some basic discoloration to the paint even before it starts to peel away. Even if your paint stays intact the rest of the house can settle and cause a once level door to become hard to open and close as it’s not off-level. If you didn’t think about these things before, here’s some tips to help point out signs that you need exterior remodeling done to your house.

Paint is peeling

Many many homes are painted. Over time that paint starts to get hold and air gets under it creating cracks and thus letting it peel away. Bridgetown Home Design has a team standing by ready to get your house back in to shape for you. You can contact us and get started before your house is the eyesore of the neighborhood. If it’s siding that needs replacing, we are fully equipped to handle that request as well.

Your house is growing ever colder during the winters

This is a sure sign that your windows need repair. As windows age the materials the window was held in place with get older and dry as well. Having a crack or gap between the wall and the window can be cause for higher electric or gas bills. This can be both usage of your heating source or even excessive usage of your Air conditioning in the Summer.

Doors catching the framework, or are becoming dull to sunlight.

Your house is aging and settling. Doors commonly become faded due to sunlight hitting the front door and being destroyed by the UV light it gives off. When doors start hanging up and catching on the floor it can mean torn carpets, scratched woodwork, or even destruction to the door and door frame in itself. Don’t wait. reach out to an expert. If you’re in Portland, Oregon then Bridgetown Home Design can be contacted and your recovery work can begin soon.

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