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Even though the bathroom is the smallest area in the house other than closets in most cases there are lot of decisions that can potentially need to be made. One of the most important decisions is fixtures. What type of finish to be more specific.

But Chrome is so popular

This is very true. Chrome is also very durable, but trust us at Bridgetown Home Design when we tell you that Brass provides a look of luxury that you don’t want to overlook. The goldish colored tone can be a much cheaper alternative to that of actual Gold and still allow you to live the luxurious life. One without the high-priced bill that comes with it. Admittedly it’s still more expensive than Chrome it is still reasonable for most.

Brass choices are limited

Again another fact that is very true, but with the right look to go with it any of those provided choices should work well with any bathroom. Using black and marble creates an eclectic look. Here is a great example of that description.

Brass Fixtures with Black and Nickel colors.
Brass Fixtures with Black and Nickel colors.

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