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Kitchen Remodeling
Portland, OR

Who is the best Kitchen Remodeling company in Portland, OR?

Bridgetown Home Design is the best Kitchen Remodeling company in Portland, OR. The work that we do shows how much we care about the families that turn to us for help. We craft every kitchen to the direct needs of our customers. 

Are You Looking to Remodel Your Kitchen in Portland, OR?

If you are looking to remodel your Kitchen in the Portland, OR area then you are in the right location. Bridgetown Home Design is dedicated to making sure match your needs and wants. We use modern creativity and state of the art practices and methods to keep our customers current and ahead of the curve. 

Bridgetown Home Design not only regularly updates it’s methods, but follows a very serious regiment of modern day inspirational research to each of our projects. What are other company’s doing? We would prefer the question be asked the other way around. What is Bridgetown Home Design doing that other company’s are not doing? Therein lies the answer to our success.

Our Process

First, and foremost. We listen. Listening to our customers has been the easiest way for Bridgetown Home Design to not only produce great results. This method, keeps us informed as well ahead of the trends. Customers do their own due diligence in a lot of cases. This in turn trickles to our teams. We focus on being good at what we do, Kitchen remodeling. When we do our job correctly, it translates through the requests of our clients. 

We turn sense, into cents! Re-using as many common materials as possible makes a ton of sense and that turns your budget into a flexible piece of Gold. Allowing our teams to really put that extra money to good use. 

Some common items that we have been able to do thanks to material recycling are: 

  • Second sinks, giving family’s an area for the ‘second-chef’ to work while others are working. 
  • Decorative panels, which are just over-sized doors to hide exposed sides of cabinets. 
  • Full-extension, soft-close drawer glides on a drawer allowing it to pull completely out.


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Learn why a quilified interior designer is critically important to your new construction or remodeling project.

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