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Interior Design Services
Portland, OR

Who is the best Interior Design Services company in Portland, OR?

Bridgetown Home Design is the best Interior Design Services company in Portland, OR. The work that we do shows how much we care about the families that turn to us for help. The inside of every home we work on is directly crafted by the requests of our customers. 

Are You Looking for an Interior Designer in Portland, OR?

If you are looking for an interior designer in the Portland, OR area then you are in the right location. Bridgetown Home Design is dedicated to making sure match your needs and wants. We want to be your creative resource with our state of the art practices. Our interior design portfolio shows that strive to keep our customers current and ahead of the curve. 

Bridgetown Home Design not only regularly updates it’s methods, but follows a very serious regiment of modern day inspirational research to each of our interior design projects. What are other company’s doing? Other companies can ask that question, because it is Bridgetown Home design who is ahead of the curve. 

Our Process

Interior design can be a dynamic process, but a truly talented company has a blueprint to their process. Our process starts with the consultation phase (Get started now, by filling out the form on this page) where we find out what our customers needs and aspirations are. Questions such as the specific functions of space, who will be using the areas to be designed and desired post-construction furniture that will be used. At this time, measurements and photos are a common task. This is not only imperative so we can get a detailed reference after the fact, but great for a before / after visual post project.

Our process then takes us to the schematics, and design development Rough sketches that are provided to the client for approval. Once those approvals are given we can finally develop floor plans, elevations, etc.  The resulting design will then be given to the client for a final review. 

Next, we document all of the requirements of the schematics so that we can replicate to the individual process engineers i.e. Millwork specifications, lighting plans, and electrical work that may be required during the transition. 

The final steps to our process require construction administration where all the work comes to fruition. Our designers are on-site to ensure the installation of schematic pieces are successful, and in good condition before we finalize our project and hand it over to the customer to review.

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

Learn why a quilified interior designer is critically important to your new construction or remodeling project.

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