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Bathroom Remodeling
Portland, OR

Who is the best Bathroom Remodeling company in Portland, OR?

Bridgetown Home Design is the best Bathroom Remodeling company in Portland, OR. The work that we do shows how much we care about the families that turn to us for help. We craft every bathroom to the direct needs of our customers. 

Are You Looking to Remodel Your bathroom in Portland, OR?

If you are looking to remodel your Bathroom in the Portland, OR area then you are in the right location. Bridgetown Home Design strives to match the bathroom we remodel for our customers to their desires and needs. Whether single individual, or a couple we want to ensure that everyone gets what they want out of their bathroom and it’s amenities.

Bridgetown Home Design is constantly updating to more modern methods. Despite this we have a very serious regiment of inspirational research so we can meet our customers expectations. We want our clients to feel most importantly comfortable with the remodel, whether it be something as simple as a stand-up shower or claw-tub, we want it to look and feel good to our customer.

Our Process

While the bathroom is sometimes one of the littlest parts of a remodel for a customer it can be one of the most complicated choices they have to make. Not just the appearance, but physical placement of items can be either a small or huge budget impact.  We want to design a master suite that we, ourselves, at the end of the day would feel comfortable using. A bathroom is a place of relaxation, privacy, and most importantly a place that you can not just get clean physically, but mentally as well.

A bathroom usually only has so many items in it. The question for us to our customers is how much space do you want to give your bathroom and if you don’t want to change the total space, what is it that you want to see changed in this bathroom. From there, we can give our customers something that they not only love, but can live with for a long time. The best types of bathrooms to design are the ones that in the end are basic, but leave room for an ever changing decor that they customers themselves can change-up as they see fit.

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