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You’ll find a lot of Interior Design & Remodeling experts are ‘big picture’ type of individuals. Although, even the best will tell you that it’s the ‘little’ details that make a ‘huge’ difference in their work. An expert remodel with, for example, stripes on stripes on stripes could look either extremely tacky, or incredibly beautiful & chic. A simple change to the door handles tile could completely change the perspective of the project. In the rest of this post, we will provide 3 examples of these choices that surely need to be made.

1. Ceiling Fans

You’ll find that ceiling fans are just about 90% all business and the other 10% of pretty and playful. Take a look at the room you are remodeling and decide if the room needs to be serious or glam. Your choice can be the deciding factor whether the room is what you intended it to be. If you want a room with white walls you can try the Tahitian fan found at Beacon Lighting.

2. Door knobs, locks, and decoration.

The popular name in the industry for these types of things are called ‘Door Furniture’. It’s also common to see these things super far down on your list of priorities during your interior remodel. Here’s two examples of door knob usage that makes a huge difference..

A fun chic door knob.
A fun chic door knob.
Serious, Rustic Lock & Knob
Serious, Rustic Lock & Knob

3. Wall-lining Textures

Most professionals or experts in the will tell you that texture means carpets, blankets, and other soft furnishings. Your choice of wall linings can be a huge addition to a room. You don’t have to finish a room every time with plasterboard or painted drywall and done. Wise decisions can be made with original brick backdrops. It will matter in your final product whether you want the wall to be a focal point or not. Here is a prime example of the exposed brick.

Beautiful exposed brick usage for a living room.
Beautiful exposed brick usage for a living room.

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